$650,000 in research and infrastructure funds for the study of exoplanetes at Bishop’s University

20171214aThe possibility that our own galaxy contains Earth-like planets that may be able to support life has gone from science fiction to a very distinct possibility! Bishop’s University is proud to welcome Dr. Jason Rowe, a researcher who will play a key role in this type of discovery, to its Department of Physics and Astronomy. Bishop’s University has also announced the appointment of Dr. Jason Rowe as Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Exoplanet Astrophysics, an honour that comes with an award of $100,000 annually for a period of five years. Miles Turnbull, Vice-Principal Academic, responsible for Research, states that “Dr. Rowe’s expertise and experience are outstanding and his research program is intriguing and timely. The more we learn from exoplanet research, the more we understand how our solar system fits into the rest of the galaxy and the universe. It is so exciting that this kind of work will develop at Bishop’s. As Canada Research Chair in Exoplanet Astrophysics, Dr. Rowe will work with researchers from around the world. His research will also draw attention to our University.”

More information at: http://www.ubishops.ca/650000-research-infrastructure-funds-study-exoplanets-bishops-university-2/