Yashar Hezaveh receives the 2015 prestigious Hubble Fellowship


Yashar Hezaveh gets a prestigious «Hubble fellowship.» «Hubble Postdoctoral Fellowships», a program of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), are awarded to postdoctoral researchers whose research is deemed exceptional and are in line with NASA’s activities in the field of scientific research on cosmic origins.

Yashar Hezaveh completed a doctoral thesis in June 2013, under the supervision of Professor Gil Holder at McGill University. His research, conducted as part of his dissertation entitled «Strongly lensed high redshift dusty star forming galaxies Discovered in millimeter wide area surveys», was selected by Québec-Science as one of its top 10 discoveries of 2013.

Yashar Hezaveh continues its work at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at Stanford University, California. His research focuses on the study of distant galaxies using gravitational lensing effects, specifically to map the distribution of dark matter in the halo of galaxies. Ultimately, his work should help understand the nature of dark matter.

It is with great pride that the CRAQ congratulates Yashar Hezaveh for winning this prestigious fellowship.


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