Personal information

Alexandre Lemerle


Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne


Research field: Solar physics: Hybrid modeling of the solar activity cycle.

Description of the research project:
Alexandre Lemerle is developping a new hybrid model that couples well-known two-dimensional magnétohydrodynamics (MHD) models in the solar meridian plane, with surface magnetic flux evolution. The resulting three-dimensional physical model, which is relatively simple as compared to full MHD simulations of the convection zone, will allow me to generate long-term sequences, using sunspots counts over 1610, therefore including the peculiar Maunder minimum. Ultimately, the physics could be carried out to the modelling of the corresponding long-term variations of the solar irradiance, the Holy Grail needed as an input to the Earth's climate models.

List of graduate students:
Christian Thibeault (Ph.D.)

Prix et distinctions:

  • 2010-09 à 2013-08 : Bourses de doctorat en recherche du FQRNT