May 12-14, 2013
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Cautionary note: The feasibility of these projects has not been fully assessed yet.

I - FTS primer, the instrument & software

Laurent Drissen (U. Laval)
Imaging FTS for beginners: an introduction to SITELLE

Julie Mandar (ABB)
Design, performance and status of SITELLE

Daniel Devost / Glenn Morrison (CFHT)
SITELLE at the CFHT/ Science verification

Simon Thibault (U. Laval)

Marc Baril (CFHT)

Thomas Martin (U. Laval)
ORBS, SITELLE's data reduction software

Jean-Pierre Maillard (IAP)
From 1D-FTS to BEAR : the Imaging FTSs in Astronomy

II - The Milky way

Gilles Joncas (U. Laval)
Thermodynamics, Turbulence, & Abundances in HII Regions

Vinicius de A. Oliveira (Unipampa)
Electron Temperature Fluctuations in Gaseous Nebulae

Dominic Lagrois (U. Laval)
Temperature and Density Structures in the Messier 27 Optical Gas Complex [SpIOMM]

Delphine Russeil (LAM) - presented by P. Amram
Kinematic and Physics of HII Regions to Understand the Triggering Star Formation Process

Nicole St-Louis (U. de Montréal)
Detecting Signs of Wind Asymetry in Wolf-Rayet Nebulae

Alexandre Alarie (U. Laval)
A Hyperspectral View of Cas A [SpIOMM]

Jean-Pierre Maillard (IAP)
SITELLE to Pick Up Be and Other Massive Stars in the CoRoT Fields

P. Rousselot (Obs. Besançon) - presented by J.-P. Maillard
Cometary science with SITELLE

III - Nearby galaxies

Pierre Martin (UH Hilo)
SNAGS: A Survey of Nebular Abundances in Galaxies with SITELLE

Anne-Laure Melchior (LERMA)
Gas Fueling of the Andromeda's Nucleus

Pauline Barmby (U. Western Ontario)
Comparing HII Regions in M31 and NGC 5128

Nathalie Ouellette (Queen's U.)
The Dynamical Properties of Virgo Cluster Galaxies

Claude Carignan (U. Cape Town)
SITELLE Optical Follow-Ups of Radio Surveys in the SKA and Precursors Era

Philippe Amram (Obs. de Marseille)
The SITELLE Herschel Reference Survey

Pierre Guillard (IAS) - presented by J.-P. maillard
Dynamics of the ionized gas inside and outside galaxies

Eric Peng (Peking U.)
Dynamical Studies of Nearby Galaxies

Laurie Rousseau-Nepton (U. Laval)
Galaxies with SpIOMM

Martin Bureau (U. Oxford)
Prospects for Studies of Early-type Galaxies with SITELLE

Carmelle Robert (U. Laval)
Stellar Populations in Spiral Galaxies

Patrick Côté (NRC - Herzberg)
Stellar Systems in the Nearby Universe : Possible Opportunities for SITELLE

Sébastien Lavoie (U. Laval)
Absorption structures and M87 with SpIOMM

IV - Interacting galaxies and the distant Universe

Glenn Morrison (CFHT)
Abell 1882 : Kpc-scale Spatially Resolved Star Formation on a z=0,14 Proto-cluster

Jorge Iglesias (IAA)
Exploring the Evolution of Galaxies in Dense Environments

Henri Plana (U. E. Santa Cruz)
Isolated, Mixed E+S Galaxy Pairs as Clean Probed of Interaction Effects

Suresh Sivanadam (Dunlap Inst.)
Observing ram pressure stripping with SITELLE

Luc Simard (NRC - Herzberg)
Observing the High-Redshift Universe with SITELLE