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Third BRITE-Constellation Science Conference: New scientific and technical achievements with BRITE
Date: 2017-08-06 to 2017-08-11
Site: Auberge du Lac Taureau
Web: brite2017.craq-astro.ca
Organisator: Jason Rowe
The five BRITE-Constellation nano-satellites measure low-level oscillations and other brightness variations in the brightest stars in order to study stellar pulsations, binary interactions, spots on stellar surfaces, convection and granulation, extrasolar planets, and to enlarge the base of proven constant photometric standard stars. In 2017 the BRITE-Constellation mission (http://www.brite-constellation.at) will have been operational for more than three years. Several hundreds of bright stars of various types have been observed successfully in the two optical BRITE colour filters. The goals of the 3rd BRITE-Constellation Science Conference are:
  • to discuss the scientific topics addressed by BRITE-Constellation observations
  • to bring together the scientific community interested in BRITE-Constellation
  • to provide an update on the status of the mission
  • to exhibit and discuss the latest scientific results
  • to share experiences with the data
  • to continue fruitful cooperation between professional and amateur ground-based observers and BRITE scientists and organize new collaborations
  • to explore new ideas for future BRITE-Constellation observations