Peering into the orbital architecture and atmosphere of exoplanets with NIRPS

Romain Allart ( Université de Montréal )

NIRPS is a new fiber-fed high spectral resolution (~80k) spectrograph assisted by adaptive optics installed on the 3.6m telescope of ESO at LaSilla, Chile. Operated simultaneously with HARPS, NIRPS covers the Y, J, and H bands. In this talk, I will describe the objectives of the NIRPS consortium that allocated 225 nights of Guaranteed Time Observations (GTO) to in-depth spectral characterizations. The objectives are to provide detailed high-fidelity high signal-to-noise transmission and emission spectra as well as large comprehensive atmospheric and orbital architecture surveys that will be done for more than 75 exoplanets from ultra-hot Jupiters to temperate terrestrial planets. I will present the first results that have been obtained since the start of the operation on April 1st, 2023, including the detections of escaping atmospheres along with the presence of molecules and atoms in the atmospheres of warm Neptunes to hot Jupiters.