The CRAQ “journeys to new worlds” at the Eureka Festival!

The Center for Research in Astrophysics of Quebec (CRAQ) was present at the 2019 Eureka Festival! Enthusiastic CRAQ students took part in this 13th edition of the festival which took place in the Montreal Old Port from June 7 to 9. During these three days, our young scientific communicators shared some mysteries of the cosmos with festival-goers.


Under the theme “Journey to new worlds“, visitors were invited to discover what are exoplanets, those planets that revolve around stars other than the Sun. Through association games they were able to learn more about hot Jupiter-type planets, ocean-planets as well as Earthlike planets. Visitors also learned about some of the features that make our planet habitable and were able to appreciate that it is the only known planet on which life as we know it is possible.


The Festival was a great success and welcomed several tens of thousands of visitors. The CRAQ warmly thanks Frédérique Baron for her organization skills, Mesbah Alsarraj, Agnibha Banerjee, Simon Delisle, Ariane Deslières, Cynthia Genest-Beaulieu, Antoine Herrmann, Mathilde Mâlin, Nathalie Ouellette, Mathilde Papillon, Carter Rhea, Annabelle Richard-Laferrière, Luc Turbide and Lan Xi Zhu for their essential contribution to this success.


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