The CRAQ looks up to the sky at the Eureka Festival!


The Center for Research in Astrophysics of Quebec (CRAQ) was present at the 2018 Eureka Festival! Enthusiastic CRAQ students took part in this 12th edition of the festival which took place in the Montreal Old Port from June 8 to 10. During these three days, our young scientific communicators shared some mysteries of the cosmos with festival-goers.


Under the theme “Eyes on the sky“, visitors learned how telescopes are made, what they measure, where they are found on the planet, and so on. An infrared camera also demonstrated that certain secrets of the cosmos are revealed by forms of light invisible to our eyes. The students also took the opportunity to highlight the 40th anniversary of the Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic.

The Festival was a great success and welcomed several tens of thousands of visitors. The CRAQ warmly thanks Lisa Dang for her organization skills, Capucine Barfety, Frédérique Baron, Taylor Bell, Mohit Bhardwaj, Claudia Bielecki, Carolina Cruz-Vinaccia, Shereen Elaidi, Emma Ellingwood, Emmanuel Fonseca, Marie-Lou Gendron-Marsolais, Juliette Geoffrion, Prashansa Gupta, Mariya Krasteva, Evelyn MacDonald, Émilie Parent, Emily Pass, Caroline Piaulet, Annabelle Richard-Laferrière, Myriam Prasow-Émond, Jessica Speedie and Thomas Vandal for their essential contribution to this success.


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