Dr Anne Archibald awarded APS’ 2014 Prize for top PhD thesis in Astrophysics

20150320McGill graduate Anne Archibald has been awarded the American Physical Society’s 2014 Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award in Astrophysics for her PhD thesis The End of Accretion: The X-ray Binary/Millisecond Pulsar Transition Object PSR J1023+0038 which she completed under the supervision of Victoria Kaspi. Using several different telescopes at a variety of wavelengths, Dr. Archibald established the transitional nature of the system from low-mass X-ray binary to millisecond radio pulsar, the first such object discovered and a key “missing link” in our understanding of neutron star binary evolution

It is with great pride that the CRAQ congratulates Dr Anne Archibald for winning this prestigious award.

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