July 11-15, 2011
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Conference Abstracts

Moffat Meeting Presentations Policy

All participants who wish to present a contribution at the meeting should submit their title and abstract (talk or poster) before 2011 April 15 using the form on the web page of the meeting. The SOC decision about the accepted oral contributions will be sent to the participants before 2011 May 1st. For the oral talks that could not be retained because of insufficient time slots, they could be presented in poster format. There will be ample space for posters' presentation (90 cm x 90 cm format) in a room adjacent to the conference room where will be the coffee breaks and they can be on display during the whole conference. In order to send an abstract, you must be registered. The deadline for modifications to the presentation's title or abstract is 2011 June 1st.

Note that the maximum dimensions for posters are 90 cm by 90 cm.

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