July 11-15, 2011
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Magnetic Fields of the B-type stars 33 Eri, 15 CMa, alpha Pyx, epsilon Lupi, HY Vel and Xi 1 CMa as inferred from ESPaDOnS, Narval and FORS1/2

Matthew Shultz (Queen's University)

Gregg Wade, RMC; John Landstreet, UWO; Stefano Bagnulo, Armagh Observatory; Jason Grunhut, Queens; Coralie Neiner, Meudon Observatory; Dave Hanes, Queens; Nadine Manset, CFHT

Recently, Hubrig et al. (2011) reported the detection of magnetic fields in 6 pulsating B-type stars, obtained using the low-resolution VLT-FORS1/2 spectropolarimeters, deriving detailed magnetic models for four stars in the sample. In this presentation we report new ESPaDOnS-MiMeS observations and a re-analysis of the published FORS magnetic measurements, confirming the detection of fields in two of these stars (epsilon Lupi and xi 1 CMa), but finding no evidence of magnetism in the remaining four. Remarkably, three of the latter - stars which we conclude are non-magnetic - are targets for which precise rotational periods and multi-parameter dipole magnetic geometries were derived by Hubrig et al., while the longitudinal field of the fourth - xi 1 CMa, a previously detected magnetic star - does not show modulation consistent with Hubrig et al.'s period.

Mode of presentation: poster