July 11-15, 2011
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A comparison of the magnetic and rotational properties of two hot stars: influence on the circumstellar environment

Jason Grunhut (Royal Military College of Canada)

Gregg Wade, David Bohlender, Stan Owocki, Thomas Rivinius, Richard Townsend, Asif ud-Doula, and the MiMeS Collaboration

HR 5907 (Grunhut et al. in prep) and HD 57682 (Grunhut et al. 2009) are two hot stars in which the MiMeS Project has discovered the presence of stable, large-scale magnetic fields. Guided by the work of Babel & Montmerle (1997), ud-Doula & Owocki (2002) and Townsend & Owocki (2005), we know that the mass loss rate, rotation rate and magnetic field strength and geometry play the most important roles in understanding the interplay between the radiatively-driven stellar wind and magnetospheric structure. In this poster, we will compare the physical and magnetospheric properties of a slowly-rotating O9 star (HD 57682) to that of a rapidly-rotating B2 star (HR 5907). These two stars represent two extremes for which we can test the predictions of state-of-the-art models to better understand the wind-field interaction in hot, massive stars.

Mode of presentation: poster