July 11-15, 2011
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Magnetospheres of massive stars across the EM spectrum

Veronique Petit (West Chester University)

D. Cohen, M. Gagne, S. Owocki, R. Townsend, A. ud-Doula and G. Wade Swarthmore College, West Chester University, University of Delaware, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Penn State University, Royal Military College of Canada

Magnetic massive stars – which are being discovered with increasing frequency – represent a new category of wind-shaping mechanism for O and B stars. Magnetic channeling of these stars’ radiation-driven winds leads to the formation of a shock-heated magnetosphere, which can radiate X-rays, modify UV resonance lines and create complex distributions of Halpha emitting material. The basic dynamical properties of these magnetospheres are understood from the theoretical point of view as the interplay between the magnetic wind confinement and stellar rotation. The resulting manifestations of these magnetospheres across the EM spectrum are complex and diverse, and recent advances in the modelling of these magnetospheres may provide a key to a better understanding of massive star winds in general. This presentation will summarise the coordinated observational, theoretical, and modeling efforts underway by the Magnetism in Massive Stars collaboration, addressing key outstanding questions regarding magnetosphere manifestations from the radio to the X-rays.
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