July 11-15, 2011
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Quantitative IR spectroscopy of massive stars

Hugues Sana (Amsterdam University)

H. Sana, F.A. Stap, A. de Koter, F. Martins, A. Smette, J. Puls, M. De Becker, Y. Naze

Interest for NIR spectroscopy of massive stars has been dramatically increasing over the last decade. Because it allows one to observe targets inaccessible at optical wavelengths due to absorption, the IR domain offers a privileged window to study highly extinguished objects. Yet, a detailed calibration of the massive star properties at NIR wavelength is still missing. In this context, we have acquired high resolution spectroscopy of several nearby massive stars using VLT/CRIRES, focusing on spectral lines of interest in the J, H, K and L bands. In this poster, we present the earliest results of our quantitative spectroscopic analysis. Using the unique combination of a genetic algorithm approach with the state of the art nLTE atmosphere model Fastwind, we compare the stellar and wind properties as derived from the optical and the NIR regime. Future work and implications for NIR spectroscopy of massive stars are briefly discussed.

Mode of presentation: poster