July 11-15, 2011
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Analysis of the B and Be Star Populations of h and χ Persei

Amber Marsh (Lehigh University)

M. Virginia McSwain, Lehigh University Thayne Currie, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center

We present blue optical spectra of 171 members of h and χ Persei obtained with the WIYN 3.5m, KPNO 2.1m, and WIRO 2.3m telescopes. From these spectra, several stellar parameters were measured for the B type stars, including V sin i, Teff, log gpolar, M, and R. Strömgren photometry was used to measure Teff and log gpolar for the Be stars. Red optical spectra centered on Hα of 51 cluster members are presented, and used to monitor the disk emission and its strength in known and candidate Be stars. Additional optical, near-, and mid-infrared photometry available from several online databases is used to examine the spectral energy distributions of the Be stars, giving some preliminary insight into the disk structures present.

We would like to thank Yale University for providing access to the WIYN telescope at KPNO. We would also like to thank Christina Aragona for obtaining spectra for us during her KPNO 2.1m telescope time in October 2010. We are grateful to the University of Wyoming for providing access to the WIRO telescope. Institutional support was provided by Lehigh University.

Mode of presentation: poster