July 11-15, 2011
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Turbulence and magnetic fields generated by subsurface convection in hot, massive stars.

Matteo Cantiello (Argelander Institute for Astronomy - Bonn)

Braithwaite (Bonn), Käpylä (Helsinki), Brandenburg (Nordita), Langer (Bonn) et al.

During their main sequence evolution, massive stars can develop convective regions very close to their surface. These regions are caused by an opacity peak associated with iron ionization. We discuss a connection between the presence of the iron convection zone and surface turbulence. Moreover we explore the possibility that magnetic fields could emerge from such convective regions. In this context, we present simulations of subsurface convection showing the excitation of waves and the production of magnetic fields. We argue that different phenomena observed at the surface and in the winds of hot, massive stars could be related to these, previously neglected, convection zones.
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