July 11-15, 2011
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EITHER (1) Surveys of Wolf-Rayet stars beyond the Local Group OR (2) Very Massive Stars and the Eddington Limit

Paul Crowther (University of Sheffield)

(1) J Bibby (AMNH), M Shara (AMNH), AFJ Moffat (Montreal); (2) N Walborn (STScI)

(1) I will outline ongoing imaging and spectroscopic surveys of Wolf-Rayet stars in galaxies beyond the Local Group using VLT/FORS and Gemini/GMOS, with an emphasis on what can be achieved from ground-based observatories; (2) I will discuss observations of Very Massive Stars close to the ZAMS within the context of the Eddington Limit. An emphasis on the intimate connection between physical/wind properties and spectral morphology for early O, Of/WN and WN stars will be given, with reference to a newly modified classification scheme for Of/WN stars.
(to be confirmed by the SOC)