July 11-15, 2011
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New Spectroscopic Categories of Young O Stars from the VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey

Nolan R. Walborn (Space Telescope Science Institute)

Spectral classification of nearly 200 constant-velocity O stars in the VFTS reveals six morphological main-sequence categories: 1) Extremely rapid rotators (Vn/nn/nnn) including likely the fastest massive rotator known. 2) A large number of spectra with He II 4686 stronger than other He lines (Vz). 3) Spectra with C III 4650 emission stronger than N III 4634-40-42 [V((fc))]. 4) Spectra with the N III emission much stronger than the C III [V((f))]. 5) Spectra with very high S/N and no trace of either N III or C III emission lines. 6) Spectra with He II 4541 Stark wings much stronger than those of He I 4471 or He II 4686. Some spectra combine more than one of these (logically compatible) properties. Several of the categories are newly recognized as significant components of the main-sequence population in a rich cluster of this age range; some of them may be very young. Elucidation of their physical origins and relationships will likely improve understanding of massive star formation and early evolution.
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