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Exploring the Universe with JWST-II
Date : 2016-10-24 à 2016-10-28
Lieu : Université de Montréal
Site web : craq-astro.ca/jwst2016/
Organisateur : René Doyon et David Lafrenière

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), scheduled for launch in October 2018, will be one of the great observatories of the next decade. Its suite of four instruments will provide imaging, spectroscopic and coronagraphic capabilities over the 0.6 to 28.5 micron wavelength range and will offer an unprecedented combination of sensitivity and spatial resolution to study targets ranging from our Solar System to the most distant galaxies. With JWST’s launch date approaching rapidly and a first call for proposals scheduled for the end of 2017, it is important to give the astronomical community opportunities to present, highlight and discuss scientific programs that will be made possible by JWST. The conference will cover a broad range of scientific topics organized around the main JWST science themes:

  • The end of the «dark ages» : first light and reionisation.
  • The assembly of galaxies.
  • The formation and evolution of stars and planets.
  • Planetary systems and the origins of life (exoplanets)
  • Our Solar System.