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NuSTAR Galactic Workshop
Date : 2009-08-10 à 2009-08-12
Lieu : Caltech, Pasadena, USA
Site web : www.nustar.caltech.edu/uploads/updates/NuSTAR_2009oct_update.pdf
Organisateur : Vicky Kaspi
The NuSTAR Galactic Science team met at Caltech in early August to discuss the baseline Galactic observations for NuSTAR, including optimal survey strategies near the Galactic center, identification / confirmation of new supernova remnants in our Galaxy, and survey strategies for historical supernova remnants. The workshop was organized by Vicky Kaspi, who spent the Summer on sabbatical at Caltech. A similar extragalactic workshop is being organized by Daniel Stern and will be held this Winter at Caltech.

CIFAR Gravity & Cosmology Annual General Meeting
Date : 2009-03-05 à 2009-03-08
Lieu : Mont-Tremblant, QC, Canada
Site web : www2.cifar.ca/research/cosmology-and-gravity-program/
Organisateur : Vicky Kaspi
Neutron stars. Event horizons. Quasars. Dark energy. The language of cosmology is compelling and provocative, a step beyond our familiar world. CIFAR’s Cosmology and Gravity program acquaints us with massive celestial objects, like black holes and galaxy clusters, and also with minute particles, like neutrinos and quarks, particles so small they seem to teeter on the brink of non-existence.

CIFAR’s Cosmology and Gravity program members ask the most fundamental questions about our universe: what is our universe really like? How did it get that way? What did it look like at its creation? How will it end? In just over two decades, CIFAR researchers have vastly improved our understanding of the history and geography of our universe and of existence.

CIFAR’s Cosmology and Gravity program researchers have made tremendous strides towards the Theory of Everything and have transformed the way people understand the universe. It has also transformed Canada and has earned a reputation as a global leader in this fundamental area of research.