August 11-15, 2014


Improvements in Stark Broadening Calculations

Thomas Gomez (University of Texas at Austin)

D. E. Winget, M.H. Montgomery, R.E. Falcon University of Texas G. A. Rochau, J.E. Bailey Sandia National Laboratories D. E. Kilcrease Los Alamos National Laboratories R. C. Mancini University of Nevada at Reno

Presented here is an alternative stark broadening model that can be used in WD atmospheres. The approach uses a simulation approach, different than what was used previously in WD atmospheres. The Simulation approach allows ion dynamics to be taken into account. Computing power has increased and results in a better treatment of the perturbations due to the Stark effect. Recent developments allows us to properly take into account field ionization of the upper electrons into the continuum.

Mode of presentation: poster