August 11-15, 2014


Dear participants,

First, we would like to thank you all for you participation to the 19th European White Dwarf Workshop in Montreal. The success of this event relies on the great contributions that each of you made during the week, as well as on the written record you are about to make in the upcoming proceedings.

Below you will find instruction and templates to submit your conference proceeding paper. The deadline for submitting your contribution is October 1st, 2014. Late submissions cannot be included in the proceedings. There is a limit of 5 pages for those who made an oral presentation and 4 pages for posters. We accept a maximum of two contributions as first author per participants.

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (ASPCS) style files and templates can be found here. It includes a detailed example (aspauthor.tex) as well as a simple ready to use version (simple_template.tex).

Please use these templates to start off with your proceedings paper. Every authorsís paper is treated as a standalone pdf. You must thus check that your pdf file compile properly and make sure that the spelling is right and that all symbols and font appear correctly.

Please make a tarball (author.tar - author = first initial + family name, e.g. PDufour.tar) that will contain all the relevant files (.tex, figures and compiled pdf.)

ex.: PDufour.tex, PDufour01.eps, PDdufour02.eps, PDufour.pdf

Send an e-mail with the tarball attached to to finish your submission.

In case of any problems, do not hesitate to contact us at the same e-mail address.

In case that you have not done that during the workshop, please fill in the Publication Agreement and Copyright Assignment form (link here, included also in your conference folder) and send it to us. We cannot publish a paper without this form properly filled in.

On behalf of the LOC and SOC,

Patrick Dufour