August 11-15, 2014


Parametric modeling in action: High accuracy seismology of Kepler DAV stars

Noemi Giammichele (Université de Montréal)

Stephane Charpinet (IRAP/OMP/Toulouse), G. Fontaine (U. de Montréal), P. Brassard (U. de Montréal), & Sandra Greiss (U. of Warwick)

We summarize here the efforts made on the quantitative seismic analyses performed on two ZZ Ceti stars observed with the Kepler satellite. One of them, KIC11911480, is located close to the blue edge of the instability strip, while the other, GD 1212, is found at the red edge. We emphasize the need for parameterized modeling and the forward approach to uniquely establish the fundamental parameters of the stars. We show how the internal structures as well as rotation profiles are unravelled to surprisingly large depths for degenerates such as ZZ Ceti stars, which further confirms the loss of stellar angular momentum before the white dwarf stage detected previously in GW Vir pulsating white dwarfs. This opens up interesting prospects for the new mission to come, Kepler-2, in the field of white dwarf asteroseismology.

Mode of presentation: oral