Découverte de la première naine brune binaire Y-Y avec JWST - WISE-0336-01 / Discovery of the first Y-Y brown dwarf binary with JWST - WISE 0336-01

Loïc Albert ( Université de Montréal )

Free floating brown dwarfs are thought to form by the same process as stars through molecular cloud collapse. We are completing a JWST / NIRCam survey to search for companions around 20 Y dwarfs, the coldest (<500 K) and least massive sub-stellar objects found in the 10-pc solar neighbourhood. Companions will help us directly measure masses of these dwarfs and establish what is the minimum mass that Nature can produce by the star formation process. We announce the discovery of WISE 0336-01B with Teff<350 K. The WISE 0336-01 Y-Y dwarf binary may be composed of two planetary mass objects (< 13 Mjup), depending on their age.