Cosmological probe combination for current and future surveys
Andrina Nicola
Princeton University

Recent progress in observational cosmology and the establishment of ?CDM have relied on the combination of different cosmological probes. These probes are not independent, and their cross-correlations allow for robust tests of the cosmological model and constraining theoretical and observational systematics, making them a promising analysis method for both current and future data. In this talk, I will outline possible ways in which to extend joint analyses to optimally benefit from upcoming data, and present results on photometric galaxy clustering in the Hyper Suprime Cam DR1 data. I will then discuss the potential of using two-point function statistics of baryon tracers of the matter density to robustly constrain both cosmology and baryonic feedback.

Date: Mardi, le 8 mars 2022
Heure: 15:30
Lieu: Université McGill