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Future of Space Astronomy in Canada Workshop
Date :2018-12-06 à 2018-12-07
Lieu :Université de Montréal, Canada
Site web : www.exoplanetes.umontreal.ca/future-of-space-astronomy-in-canada-workshop/?lang=en
Organisateur : René Doyon, Institut de recherche sur les exoplanètes
This 2-day workshop brought together all stakeholders (academia, industry, the Canadian Space Agency) to discuss the participation of Canada in future space astronomy projects of all scales and wavelengths. The goal was to stimulate ideas and plans for the forthcoming Long-Range Plan 2020. This was an opportunity to hear about the status of ongoing and future space astronomy projects and to discuss current issues with CSA funding among other topics. The workshop style of this event fostered informal discussions and debates. Only approximately 50% of the workshop was dedicated to formal presentations. Remote participation was possible.