Dec 5-7, 2011
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Meeting Rationale

SPIROU is a next generation CFHT instrument schedule for first light in 2015. SPIROU is a near-infrared (1-2.4 Ám), high-resolution (R~75 000) spectro-polarimeter. The 1 m/s RV stability of SPIROU and its wavelength coverage will enable the search of Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone of M dwarfs, while polarimetry will allow the investigation of magnetized stars and planet formation. Beyond these core science goals that drive the instrument design, SPIROU will also open scientific opportunities in various fields of stellar astrophysics. SPIROU is developed through an international consortium involving institutions in France (Toulouse, Grenoble, Marseilles), Switzerland, Canada, (UdeM, ULaval, HIA), Taiwan and CFHT. SPIROU is currently in Phase B with a preliminary design review scheduled for next spring.

The SPIROU team will host a three-day meeting in Montréal in December 2011. The first day, Dec. 5, will be dedicated to a discussion with the community of the science niches for SPIROU. The goal of this meeting is to advertise the instrument's capabilities and spur discussions on early work for large-scale surveys. Subjects that will be discussed include, but are by no means limited to:

• Search for Earth-mass planets around M dwarfs and giant planets around brown dwarfs
• Search for Jupiter-mass planets around very young stars to determine the formation timescale of jovians
• Kinematics of cool stars and brown dwarfs; identification of cool members of young moving groups
• Doppler imaging of weather patterns on brown dwarfs
• Transit spectroscopy
• Magnetic fields of protostars
• Magnetic fields in accretion disks

The community is invited to participate to the first day of this meeting (Dec 5th). Any contribution outside the fields above is most welcome. Teleconference links for remote attendance will be available. Please register on-line here

The second part of the meeting, on the 6th and 7th of December, will be dedicated to the mid-term review of the project. This meeting is restricted to the SPIROU instrument team.

For more info on SPIROU, visit and see the SPIROU science case for more details.