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The CRAQ 2015 meeting will take place from May 6 to 8 at the "Auberge du Lac--l'Eau-Claire" in Mauricie (http://www.lacaleauclaire.com, Google Maps link: http://goo.gl/maps/cjyhj).

This year, we are pleased to welcome the two following guest speakers:

  • Isabel Pérez, from Universidad de Granada, who will present a talk entitled "Bar formation and evolution: Observational imprint at high and low redshifts".

    Most spiral galaxies at present time host a bar of some kind. Numerical simulations have thoroughly analysed their role in shaping galaxy morphology, for instance bulge formation and surface brightness profiles, by redistributing mass and angular momentum. Bars also seem to play an important role in the mixing of metals in their discs, and their relation to the halo distribution has also been largely discussed by simulators. Regarding their formation, there is still discrepancy on whether bars are long lasting or recurrent features in the life of a galaxy, and there is also debate in how their characterising parameters evolve with time. I will review recent observational results that can shed light onto these issues namely: star formation histories and stellar and gas abundance gradients in barred galaxies from 2-D integral field spectroscopy and SDSS data, and analysis of bar structural and dynamical parameters from high to low redshift.

  • Michele Pestalozzi, from Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali, Roma, who will present a talk entitled "High-mass star formation in the Milky Way through Hi-GAL and methanol masers".

    HiGAL is a Herschel Open Time Key project that observed a 360x2 degree strip of the galactic plane at five consecutive Mid and Far IR bands. Continuously gathering data between 70 and 500 microns, it accurately characterises the star forming processes across the Milky Way through the emission of cold dust. In this talk I will present the main features of the survey and its data products as well as give an example of research done using the Hi-GAL clump catalogue, specifically the connection between high-mass star formation and methanol masers.

    Methanol masers are undiscussed tracers of the early stages of the formation of a high-mass star. Through crosscorrelation between the Hi-GAL and the MMB Survey catalogue (MultiBeam Methanol Survey, e.g. Green et al. 2008) it is possible to draw conclusions on the appearance of maser emission of methanol in the context of the formation of high-mass stars. Preliminary results will be shown.

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