Personal information

Kenneth J. Ragan

McGill Space Institute
3550 University Street
Montreal, QC,   H3A 2A7

Phone: 514-398-6518
Fax: 514-398-3733

Research field: High energy physics; gamma-ray astronomy.

Description of the research project:
Kenneth Ragan's research focuses on high energy physics and gamma-ray astronomy. He is a member of the VERITAS collaboration. VERITAS is an array of four multiple imaging telescopes, each 12 m in size, and is the world's most sensitive air Cherenkov instrument. High energy gamma-rays impinging on the upper atmosphere create showers of charged secondary particles. These secondaries are energetic enough to move faster than the (local) speed of light in the upper atmosphere and emit Cherenkov light. Measuring the properties of this light (intensity and direction) allows VERITAS to infer the direction and energy of the original high energy gamma-ray, and thus to do gamma-ray astronomy.

List of graduate students:
Matthew Lundy (Ph.D.), Stephen O'Brien (Postdoc), Samantha Wong (M.Sc.)

Prix et distinctions:

  • 2016-05 : Pedagogical Innovation and Lifetime of Contribution Award, Supporting Active Learning & Technological Innovation in Studies of Education (SALTISE)
  • 2013-11 : Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching - Full Professor Category, McGill University
  • 2011-06 : Leo Yaffe Award for Teaching Excellence - Science, McGill University
  • 2005-09 à 2012-08 : William C. Macdonald Chair in Physics, McGill University