Personal information

Katelin Schutz

McGill Space Institute
3550 University Street
Montreal, QC,   H3A 2A7


Research field: Particle astrophysics, cosmology

Description of the research project:
Katelin Schutz research interests are at the intersection of astrophysics, particle physics and cosmology. Her main goal is to extract as much information as possible about what our Universe is made of by considering how astrophysical systems would be affected with the addition of new, undiscovered particles and interactions. A major focus of her research is understanding the composition and behavior of dark matter, but she is also interested in other extensions of the Standard Model. While primarily a theorist, she occasionally likes to get her hands on the data.

List of graduate students:
Nirmalya Brahma (Ph.D.), Christian Capanelli (Ph.D.), Kevin Chan (M.Sc.), Saniya Heeba (Postdoc), Hugo Schérer (M.Sc.)