Personal information

Jonathan Sievers

Chaire de recherche Canada 150 en cosmologie théorique et observationnelle
McGill Space Institute
3550 University Street
Montreal, QC,   H3A 2A7


Research field: Cosmology, dark energy, diffuse cosmological background

Description of the research project:
Jonathan Sievers' research covers a range of topics, primarily in cosmology. These include cosmology in the 21cm band, both looking for the signature of dark energy (via HIRAX) and looking for the birth of the first stars in the universe. Others focus on the study of the cosmic diffuse background and on galaxy clusters, mainly via the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect. His research focuses on the development and application of new analysis techniques to complex data, trying to extract as much information as possible on the universe.

List of graduate students:
Vadym Bidula (M.Sc.), Amanda Di Nitto (M.Sc.), Taylor Dibblee-Barkman (M.Sc.), Adelie Gorce (Postdoc), Aryana Haghjoo (M.Sc.), Mona Jalilvand (Postdoc), Agrawal Mohan (Ph.D.), Raul Monsalve (Postdoc), Xinyu Pan (M.Sc.), Robert Pascua (Ph.D.), Peter Sims (Postdoc), Fernando Zago (Postdoc)