Space Climate 7:

Space Climate Symposium on July 8-11 , 2019

Space Climate 7 Meeting Abstract

An Historical TSI Reconstruction Based on Reevaluations of the TSI Composite and Sunspot Records

Greg Kopp (Univ. of Colorado / LASP)

Odele Coddington, Univ. of Colorado / LASP; Thierry Dudok de Wit, Univ. of Orleans; Natalie Krivova, Max-Planck Institut für Sonnensysemforschung; Lisa Upton, Space Systems Research Corp; Chi-Ju Wu, Max-Planck Institut für Sonnensysemforschung

The two composite records of total solar irradiance (TSI) and the sunspot number have been reevaluated recently. We describe our team’s efforts to incorporate the effects of the new sunspot- and group-sunspot number reconstructions and the new TSI composite on historical reconstructions of the TSI record. This historical TSI reconstruction is tied in the modern era to the new "Community-Consensus TSI Composite" spanning the recent 40-year spacecraft-measurement period. TSI models, which rely on solar-activity indicators such as facular proxies as well as sunspot position, area, and number, extend TSI estimates during pre-measurement times. Recent reevaluations of those solar-activity proxies, particularly the new updates to the sunspot- and group-sunspot number, affect those historical TSI reconstructions, which rely primarily on the sunspot records for the earlier portions of the time period back to 1610. We describe our group’s efforts to incorporate the new sunspot-number record in the NRLTSI and the SATIRE models, the two most prominent TSI models, and we show estimated changes the new sunspot records have on historical TSI values.

Mode of presentation: oral (Need to be confirmed by the SOC)

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