Space Climate 7:

Space Climate Symposium on July 8-11 , 2019

Space Climate 7 Meeting Abstract

Cycle 24 and Longer-term Evolution of the Solar Photospheric and Coronal Magnetic Field

Gordon Petrie (National Solar Observatory)

Solar cycle 24 is drawing to a close. Various data sources will be used to summarize the state of the global photospheric and coronal magnetic field, and to compare and contrast cycle 24 to the three previous cycles well covered by full-disk synoptic magnetograph observations. The polar fields, which are globally influential but are challenging to measure, will receive particular attention. We will examine the relationship between changes in the polar field strength, including reversals in the magnetic polarity at the poles, and decayed active region magnetic flux. Recent efforts to calibrate photospheric magnetograms using an end-to-end model for the observation will also be described. Such 'ground-truth' calibration will shed light on well-known but poorly-understood discrepancies between results from different magnetographs, and will become essential as we combine the advantages of multiple diverse data sources.

Mode of presentation: oral (Need to be confirmed by the SOC)

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