July 11-15, 2011
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Meeting Abstract

We are organizing a meeting to celebrate four decades of contributions of Professor Anthony F.J. Moffat to massive-star research. Since his first papers on open clusters in the early 70ís, Tonyís research interests have expanded in many directions to cover a multitude of aspects of massive stars. The meeting will encompass the following main subjects on which he has worked during his career:

Young open star clusters: keys to understanding massive stars
Galactic structure and dynamics; runaway stars
Massive binaries: orbits, masses, mass-loss rates, binary frequency, colliding winds, dust formation
The most massive stars
The true nature of clumping in hot stellar winds and its consequences
Rotation and magnetic fields
Pulsations (e.g. MOST and soon BRITE-Constellation)
WR surveys (Galactic and extra-galactic)

The Program Organizing Comittee will consider any proposed contributions but priority will be given to those that are related to the selected themes for this meeting.

Important Dates

October 18, 2010 : First Announcement and Web pre-registration opens
April 10, 2011 : Deadline for early registration
April 15, 2011 : Abstract submission deadline
May 16, 2011 : Cancellation (with Registration fee reimbursement) deadline
May 16, 2011 : Hotel reservation deadline
June 10, 2011 : Deadline for late registration
July 11, 2011 : Beginning of Scientific Meeting in the Honour of Anthony F.J. Moffat
July 15, 2011 : End of Scientific Meeting in the Honour of Anthony F.J. Moffat