August 11-15, 2014


The initial-final mass relation and its dependence with metallicity

Alejandra Romero (UFRGS-Brazil)

F. Campos, S.O. Kepler

We present a theoretical and semi empirical study of the initial-final mass relation and its dependence with the metal content of the environment. To this end we compute a grid of full evolutionary sequences from the Zero Age Main Sequences to the white dwarf cooling curve. We consider metallicity values from Z=0.0001 to Z=0.04, accounting for stellar populations in the galactic disk and halo and initial masses below 3 solar masses. We found a clear dependence of the shape of the initial-final mass relation with the progenitor metallicity. For a fixed initial mass, evolution leads to less massive white dwarf remnants for more metal rich progenitors, due to an enhancement of the mass loss rates associated to high metallicity values. Comparition with semi empirical data from globular and old open clusters, we found that the intrinsic mass spread observed can be accounted for by a set of initial-final mass relations characterized by different metallicity values.

Mode of presentation: poster