The Centre for Research in Astrophysics of Quebec (CRAQ) is announcing its second Summer School, which will be held on June 12-14th 2017 in Montreal, Quebec.

Registration deadline: April 30, 2017

This year’s topic is « Exoplanet Atmospheres ». During this 3-day school you will learn both theoretical and observational aspects of exoplanets and their atmosphere. This summer school will include formal lectures from local and international experts in the field.

The CRAQ Summer School is principally aimed at graduate students in the field of physics, astronomy, and astrophysics, although undergraduate students in physics who have completed at least the last year of an undergraduate program will also be considered.

Topics & instructors:

  • Exoplanets 101 – René Doyon and David Lafrenière (Université de Montréal)
  • Exoplanet atmospheres 101 – Nicolas Cowan (McGill University)
  • Theory of transmitted light – Eliza Kempton (Grinnell College)
  • Clouds – Yi Huang (MSI, McGill)
  • Reflected and emitted light – Michael R. Line (Arizona State University)
  • Atmospheric dynamics – Nikole Lewis (Space Telescope Science Institute)

Detailed schedule is available here.

A Welcome reception will be held from 5-7 PM on Sunday, June 11th, at the McGill Space Institute (3550 University St.).

Registration is close.

There is no registration fee. However, we will not offer traveling funds or cover lodging expenses.

A block of rooms has been reserved at Les Studios Hôtel, the Université de Montréal residence on campus, located at about 5-10 minute walking distance from the conference room and the public transportation system.

Studios Hôtel – Université de Montréal
2450 Édouard Montpetit,
Montréal, (Québec), Canada H3T 1J4
Phone : (514) 343-8006

You must contact the hotel yourself and place your reservation before April 30th. Consult this document for preferential rates and follow this link to make reservations: . (Select CRAQ_SS2017 in the “Event” roll-down menu)

Email contact:

About the CRAQ

The Centre for Research in Astrophysics of Quebec is a partnership between the Université de Montréal, McGill University, the Université Laval, Bishop’s University and the Cégep de Sherbrooke. The CRAQ brings together all researchers working in the field of astronomy and astrophysics of these institutions, as well as other collaborators from the Canadian Space Agency and the private sector (Photon etc., ABB Bomem Inc., Nüvü Caméras). The CRAQ is funded through the program Regroupements stratégiques of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQ-NT). The CRAQ constitutes a unique grouping of researchers in astrophysics in Québec bent on excellence and whose varying and complementary fields of expertise allows them to be innovative, creative and competitive in several scientific fields, thus offering graduate students a wide variety of subjects in both fundamental and applied fields of research.