Emilie Parent receives one of the SWAAC Graduate Student Award of Merit for 2021

OIPEmilie Parent, a PhD Candidate in the Department of Physics at McGill University and member of the McGill Space Institute, has received one of the 2021 Graduate Student Award of Merit from the Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada (SWAAC).

Emilie’s research centres on observations of neutron stars: the stellar remnants left behind when massive stars die in a supernova. These stellar corpses are the densest and most magnetized objects observed in the Universe and serve as extraordinary cosmic laboratories. She uses some of the most sensitive radio telescopes in the world to search for new neutron stars in the Milky Way and study their properties. She has published three articles as first author in peer-reviewed journals and participated in many international conferences.

During her graduate studies, she was appointed as student representative on the committee of two research associations: the McGill Space Institute, an interdisciplinary research center at McGill U., and the Centre for Research in Astrophysics of Quebec (CRAQ).

The CRAQ congratulates Emilie Parent for this award.

About the SWAAC Graduate Student Award of Merit

At least three awards, each in the amount of $3500, are awarded annually to the women graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the university or general community while maintaining exemplary academic records. The awards are based on outstanding academic performance and evidence of leadership.

Additional info: 2021 Winners – Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada (swaac.ca)

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