A new professor joins the CRAQ

Eve_LeeEve Lee joins the Astrophysics Research Group at McGill University as an Assistant Professor. Before joining McGill in 2019, she held a postdoctoral research position as Sherman Fairchild in theoretical physics at Caltech. She received her doctorate from UC Berkeley under the supervision of Eugene Chiang and an Honors BA in astronomy and physics from the University of Toronto.

Professor Lee’s research aims to uncover the origin of diversity in planetary systems: to understand what we have observed and to predict what we may discover through future missions. She is a theorist motivated by observational puzzles with analytic, semi-analytic, and numerical tools in her arsenal. Specific topics of interest include (but not limited to) the origin of planetary atmospheres, the orbital architecture of planetary systems, star-disk-planet interaction, and the dynamics of debris disks.

Institute for Research on Exoplanets