October 24-28, 2016

Where to stay in Montréal

We encourage everyone to stay in downtown Montréal. Do not wait too long to book: Montréal is a popular destination and hotels fill up quickly.

Montréal has many good hotels, mostly in the downtown area (your favorite search engine should give you a long list).We can suggest the following hotels.

Hôtel Terrasse Royale (http://www.terrasse-royale.com/index-en.php)

  • At a 5-minute walking distance from the Université de Montréal campus.
  •    $115 + tax per night
  •    $745 + tax per week
  • In order to get the above rate, you must mention that you request the Université de Montréal corporate rate in the Request/remark section when you make your reservation.
Le Méridien Versailles (http://www.lemeridienversailleshotel.com)
  • Well located in the downtown area. The Université de Montréal campus is directly accessible with a short 15-20 minute bus ride.
  •  ~$140 + tax per night 

Les Studios Hotel (University residence on campus)